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Yoshimi is originally from Tokyo, Japan, where she first gained an appreciation of fashion, art and culture. This has transcended into hair styling and makeup and is showcased through her work.

Her friendly, hardworking nature and distinctive style have led to her being entrusted to lead teams and collaborate with fashion labels. With over 12 years of experience, Yoshimi has worked in fashion shows across Australia and New York, award winning short films and corporate events. 

Yoshimi specialises in hair styling and make up for weddings, elopements, editorials and events.

She has recently relocated to Hobart ,Tasmania from Sydney.

You can also find her at Jakadjari hair salon with specialised haircut, colour, keratin smoothing.

Yoshimi embraces natural beauty and believes that beauty comes from within. Respecting nature and the interconnectedness of health, wellbeing and fashion, her signature style embraces the individual’s natural features and unique personality. 

Yoshimi’s passion and creativity is ever-growing and she tailors the look of her clients on each occasion with warmth and care.

Photo by Hayley Rafton






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